9 Useful Tools and Resources For Web Designers

Posted by webdesigncut on July 22nd, 2014 in Website design.
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Web design starts with pencil and paper.But to evolve as an effective web designer , well organized work flow is essential.The more you spend time in finding the right tools for your web design , the less time you will take to achieve the desired result.There are numerous tools out there but choosing the right ones for you will help you save a lot of time and let your creative juice flow smoothly. Below you’ll find 15 useful tools and time-savers for web designers and developers. Among other things, you will find recently released tools, useful reference sheets, articles and further resources.



#Grid is a little tool that inserts a virtual grid on top a web page. You can just click and hold the G key on your keyboard and see the grid .So using that key you can toggle between the foreground of the web page


2.Css Primer



Primer is excellent tools for those who loves to write their own css from scratch.The main functionality of this tool is to extract the  ids and classes from the html and put that in a basic starter stylesheet.All you need to do is copy the html and paste it in the extractor and click “prime it”


3.JS Bin


JSBin was created and is actively maintained by well-respected developer Remy Sharp.JS Bin allows you to edit and test JavaScript and HTML >it also allows you to interactively collaborate with fellow developers to debug javascript codes.From the time it was launched it has developed into a  robust tool for all javascript enthusiasts.Sharing and editing code have never been easier before Jsbin.


4.What’s My Browser Size?


browser size




Whatsmybrowsersize is a simple yet useful tool.It shows you the current browser size of  your browser.If you resize your browser,it will also change accordingly.This is a handy app for those who are interested in making responsive websites using media query.

5. Google Fonts

google webfonts


Fonts form an indispensable part of any web designer.Good use of fonts can make a big difference in a design.Google fonts serves the purpose very well.Here you can choose numerous fonts of varying weights and styles.The preview window gives you a rough idea how your font might look on your website.


6. Adobe Kuler

adobe kuler



If you’re looking for choosing the perfect color scheme  for your website,adobe kuler is the  right choice.You can create innumerable color schemes with colour wheel and compare it with other colors in the kuler community




Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.Bootstrap is compatible with the latest versions of all major browsers. It gracefully degrades when used on older browsers such as Internet Explorer 8.Bootstrap is open source and available on GitHub. Developers are encouraged to participate in the project and make their own contributions to the platform.





If you need wireframe your website ,app or mobile site..you need a gud wireframing tool.Moqup is my current favorite.What i like about moqup is ,its easy to use interface with drag and drop features.Its made with HTML5 and Javascript which makes it more impressive.You can even share the finished mockup with your friends or clients





Quix is an extensible bookmarklet, that allows you to easily access all your bookmarks and bookmarklets, across all your browsers, while maintaining them in only one spot. All you have to do is remember the shortcut for the bookmarklet, so, basically, it’s like a command line for your browser!

Quix is a great bookmarklet ,that helps you manage and access all your bookmarklets.It works across all browsers at the same time from one spot.Only thing what you need is to remember the shortcut for the bookmarklet

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