How to get approved with google adsense with a subdomain

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How to acquire approval from Google AdSense with sub-domain site?

Google AdSense is among the top contextual advertisement meshes accessible, a lot peoples try to get commendation from them but not everybody get approval. A lot of peoples say that if you have sub-domain site than you can’t get approval from them, and it is correct a little. You can get approval from only those sub-domain registration sites which Google trust or have partnered with Google for Google AdSense. So in this article I will tell you few ways which you can follow to get approval from Google AdSense from your free site.

Partnered sites:

There are a couple of sites which are partnered or trusted by Google which you are able to use to get approval. Sites like Blogger (Free blog services by Google), Weebly, and Hub Pages etc. can get approval from Google AdSense. Whenever you are attempting from others than there is lower lucks for you to get commendation, even many peoples didn’t got approval with WordPress free blog as they were trying with sub-domain and WordPress didn’t admit users to assign advertisements while in free pack, so how you can use Google AdSense. So, in that respect could be a lot of reasons why not every free sub-domain sites users get approval.


While and after approval of your account, do not put any advertizing on your blog or website which looks like Google AdSense, otherwise you will not get approval. In addition to do not assign too a lot of ads whilst applying and after approval, as Google didn’t say about ads on the site so maybe we can use any advertisement while applying to Google AdSense. But still I commend that you get rid of every ad from your site before employing


Having good template is also most important thing, it is commended to have template which will endorse any ad size of Google AdSense perfectly. Besides having clean and accelerated loading template is also good. Besides don’t use templates which have been cloned from other blogs as from that you cannot ever get approval, as that will come to copyright. Also recommend that you use templates officially provided by Blogger and if needed, customize them to fit your blog niche.

Also before using any third-party template, be sure that the author is trustful, as many of template creators feel leering codes or ads which may make Google to think that your site blog is not good, and if the author has keep leering code than immediately change the template because with that you can’t get approval and even your blog may get into blacklist of Google and other search engines.


Never imitate a little thing from other sites. A lot of peoples think that if they imitate other people subject such as articles for their blog, then they will as well get beneficial amount of traffic and they think that they will as well gain so much big bucks like the blog (or website) possessor from wherever they have imitated contents while not only Google AdSense but likewise many of other ad networks obstruct such peoples account. And if you have anything imitated from other blog than you may not get approval unless the article is provided freely or with CCL in which you have given the acknowledgment.

Besides I saw some peoples imitate others widget and template codes to create their own, while doing such things will also lower your chances of approval, as nearly every of them are copyrighted by no-copying law, nevertheless few peoples allow others to share but also want to keep the credit which you can copy but also have to give the credit to the owner. Also do not use Google Image search to get images to put on your blog, as about every one of them are proprietary by others.

Write superior and niche friendly articles:

If you have a blog, such as in Blogger, then remember to write adept caliber and niche amiable articles. Posting articles which didn’t match the blog niche may be a reason for disapproval. If you are not getting approval than check which type of article you are posting on your blog, if you are posting articles which didn’t match your blog’s niche than you would not get approval, as they may saw that your blog is spam.

Also, try to write and post fresh content daily on your blog by this you can proof that your blog isn’t created only for earning. Another thing which not every take attention is Grammar, always try to write articles which has not much grammatical mistakes. Posting illegal contents or about these type of things will also be a reason for disapproval, so don’t write such type of articles because your blog may deleted or blacklisted by them for such bad activities.

Good hits:

Get adept quantity of hits before applying, like applying when you get at least hundred visitors every day is good, however you can’t bring forth much income from it with such amount of traffic. If you have huge visitors base on your blog or website than you can easily get approval soon.

If rejected:

If you get again disapproval than the most adept thing is to see what is the intellect for disapproval, if you understand what is the reason than try to fix that and after that get fixed, simply apply for them. But I commend that you go for after one week from the date you get disfavor.

Therefore these were some hints which you are able to follow to get approval. The reason why Google disapproves many blogs and websites which I know is images, many peoples search on Google Image to get images while doing such things is too bad for your blog or website as it may against the copyrights of the owner of that image, so I recommend that you find images which you can use on your blog or website to put on your site.

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