Top 10 magazines for webdesigners and 3d artists

Posted by webdesigncut on March 7th, 2010 in Website design.

Although we can read lots of information for web designers or 3d artists but still we should not forget that websites has certain limitations and they don’t always provide the full details. I believe that every graphic or web professionals should gain in-depth knowledge through well edited and presentable magazines.

Printed stuff in the magazines are often edited and researched by top notch editors and professionals in the industry and the information and resources they provide does help both the young and experienced professionals to replace their online learning to offline.

So here I have researched and put together some of the magazines which I have divided in to two categories for web designers and for digital artists. If you like this post doesn’t forget to comment on your favorite magazine

Magazines for Web Designers

.net Magazine / Practical Web Design
If a web designer or developer is looking for some tutorials by some leading developers and professionals, then .net is the magazine to choose. Here you can also find interviews of some of the biggest agencies providing information on some of the hottest news in the web design world. The practical examples provided in this magazine is simply superb and that makes it one of the leading magazines for the designers as well as developers


Visit the .Net Magazine / Practical Web Design official website

3D Artist

3D Artist is dedicated to bringing you the secrets of techniques and innovations that you see on real 3d films on televisions. The way the advertising industry uses 3d to promote their product its all discussed in there .Apart from that each issue showcases awesome 3d portfolios of 3d artists around the world


Visit the 3D Artists official website

3D World

3D world is a magazine packed with news views inspirations advice from top notch 3d graphic artists .It also includes analysis and the current 3d trends and also provides detailed step by step approach to 3d animations .here one can also know about the software’s and hardware’s used for getting the maximum output


Visit the 3D World official website

Computer Arts

Computer Arts is worlds best selling magazine to inspire digital artists, which reveals the cutting edge methods of making great cg art. Every issue of this magazine presents awesome show case from topnotch graphic designers webdesigners, from around the world. The tutorial section will make you go wild as it shows the most innovative and inspiring skills of some talented designers


Visit the Computers Arts official website

Digital Artist

The artists who love to draw on computer canvas Digital Artist magazine is for them. Its community focused magazine that not only provides breathtaking tutorials but also inspires you to create your own>The magazine has extensive Q&A section apart from tutorials and latest reports and news of digital artists around the world who have discussed about their current projects in details


Visit the Digital artist official website


Layers is the magazine that covers the nuts and bolts of Adobe creative suite 4.Each issue provides experts tips on Adobe illustrator,Indesign,Photoshop,Acrobat Lightroom ,After effects, and more


Visit the Layers official website

Corel Painter

Normally Corel magazines are difficult to find but this magazine provides excellent tips and techniques by the industry experts


Visit the Corel Painter official website

Photoshop Creative

Photoshop Creative provides users the practical knowledge of using photoshop.Whether you are newbie or and expert it has all to improve your skills and learn new things.


Visit the Photoshop Creative official website

Photoshop User

Photoshop User is more than just amazing resource for photo shop lovers. Its also the official publication of National Association of Photoshop Professionals.(NAAP).The most dirtiest tricks are revealed in this magazine .The graphic designers will get lots of information and techniques to learn to drink the Photoshop juice and be more creative


Visit the Photoshop User official website

Web designer

Web designer is the magazine meant for those who are looking to build stunning websites and love to read professional advice from the best in the industry. Here you can also find the website show cases of top companies and invaluable tips on web design and development


Visit the Web Designer official website


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