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Animation is nothing but its a illusion to the eye we see animation because of the movement of  a sequence of still images .Animation can occur in 2d or in 3d.

Animation was born long time back in the 1800s when flip bokkangaroomt animation was quiet popular

Animation techniques

1Traditional animation-This method involves hand drwan sketches  in paper for the differnet sequences of the move ment of an object later the animators’ drawings are traced or photocopied onto transparent acetate sheets called cels, which are filled in with paints in assigned colors or tones on the side opposite the line drawings

Though nowadays this method is not used any more  nowwadays  computer aided animations are much more popular than the classic cell animations,but one cannot deny the importance of  basic building block of animations whic is cell animations

The basic principles of animation

1.Squash and stretch:The basic purpose of this method is to to give weight and flexibility to hand drawn objects

one of the common example is bouncing ball animation where  you to change the shape of the ball frame by frame as it bounces .

2.Anticipation:In this method  you to make the audience anticipate for an action

For example when a person is about to jump you need to bend his kness before he moves to the next frame to complete his jump

3.Staging: Its amethod of creating the mood in the scene by placing the objects in the right place which will engage the audience more form which angle u want the audience to view the scene or character thats very important because it changes the total mood of the scene

4.Slow and fast: Slow in and out is method of creating the feel of accelerating and declearting of an object by adding or reducing the number of frames.

5.Drawing:One cannot neglect the fact that drawing has to be sound the drawer have to get into the character and give the character right proportion in stature to make it more lively in the scene

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