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Posted by webdesigncut on January 2nd, 2010 in Internet marketing.
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One very effective method to bring floods of traffic to any website that is definitely under utilized is by means of free classified ad posting. However popular this internet marketing strategy is, a lot of internet marketers seem to doubt its effectiveness which is the very reason only few are really reaping the rich dough out of this very powerful advertising tactic.

A few top affiliate marketers are continuously taking advantage of this method and have no doubt mastered the strategies needed to be implemented in order to get the most out of it. Posting any advertisement you want is really easy on these free classified ad websites. The only thing you have to strongly consider is to always abide by each classified ad site’s posting guidelines. Once you are able to master these posting regulations, you can just repeat the exact same procedure of posting over and over.

However, in any method of marketing on the internet, it is always best to track and monitor the results you get out of every effort you take. You see, some of these free classified ad sites have millions upon millions of visitors coming in consistently every single day. So, you could just imagine the amount of traffic you could be getting if you have dozens of postings on them.

The most popular of all the free classified sites is Craigslist. It is also considered to be amongst the most famous and top visited websites in the entire web.

Here are some very important factors you have to consider if you really are planning to utilize and include free classified ad posting to your list of internet marketing strategies:

1.Make sure you are posting at the proper category in exact relation to your advertisement.
2. Depending on your location, it is best to post during the hours when people are most likely to find your post.
Place your ads on the exact locations of the people you are targeting to see your ads.
3. Keep your titles attractive. There are hundreds of postings out there so make sure that yours will stand out.
4. Track results and find out what best day of the week produce the most profits for your ads.

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