How to plan your Website

Posted by webdesigncut on April 13th, 2010 in Website design.

Considering a new site, improving your existing site, or ready for a redesign? The following provides tips and information about planning, getting started, and maintaining your Web site. This is also a guideline to a typical Web site building process with Webdesigncut.

1. Phase I: Planning

2. Phase II: Building

2. Phase III: Making Your Presence Known

4. Phase IV: Web Site Maintenance and Updating

Phase I: Planning

Web design needs extensive planning. In order to have a great website we need to plan ahead both on paper and mind which saves you lot of time later.

Things To Do:

Please be prepared with your information prior to your consultation with a webdesign company (seeThings To Consider below).

i)Write notes while you brainstorm, including questions you may have

ii)Make an outline of your needs, followed by writing all the details

iii)Organize folders in which you add and keep information and materials for your Web site:

a)a physical folder with photos, brochures, company logo, written materials

b)a directory folder on your computer with text for your Web site, digitized photos, images, logos, and other pertinent information

iv) Look at as many Web sites as you can that are related to yours in some way. This will not only help you see what your competition has going and an overall perspective of Web sites in general, it will also help you brainstorm for your own site. Make note of the following:

a) Web sites that you like and why

b) Web sites that you don’t like and why not

c) Any Web sites that have elements that you like, such as colors, navigation, overall layout, the type of content and how it’s presented

Things to Consider:

i)What is the purpose of web site

ii)Who is your target audience

ii)Website Content:

a)Text, from where you will get your text or who will write it for you, if not available.Some very basic contents to consider while you make a website are

b) Who you are

c) What you do

d)How to contact you

e)List of services that you provide or products you sale(their photographs or images ,it will help to enhance the content and create interest among readers)

f) A professionally designed logo whether you do it yourself hire someone to do it for you.

g) Keep your content fresh and live that means you need to update you site contents as often as you can.

h) Always remember that content is king your website will gain importance more than the design itself, although a good design does stand out

iv)How you will get repeated visitors to you site


vi) Other costs

a)Internet service provider

b)Domain name registration

c) Database information correctly which includes passwords and correct formats

d) If you want to sell online

i) Secure server for processing transactions

ii) Merchant account from your bank or using any third party organization like PayPal ,alert pay etc.)

Phase II: Building

i) Web site registration with several major search engines

ii) Other means of bringing in visitors.

iii) Add Web site and email address to all correspondence, all advertising

iv) Consider sending announcements or commencing other advertising of your new, redesigned, or improved Web site

Phase IV: Web Site Maintenance and Updating

i) Keep your Web site content fresh and alive

ii) Provide reasons for new visitors and for them to return to your site

iii) Add new information as appropriate and update existing information regularly

iv) Check search engine rankings and tweak pages and/or meta tags if needed

v) Continue to promote your Web site regularly


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